Thursday, February 19, 2009

What happened to FREE SPEECH?

After all the talk of regulating our airwaves and internet and now this, I end up asking myself "What has happened to our country?"

Per FoxNews:

According to The Oklahoman newspaper, an officer pulled over Chip Harrison last week because he had in his car a sign that said, "Abort Obama, not the unborn."

The officer confiscated the sign and handed Harrison a slip telling him he was under investigation, even though Harrison argued that the sign only meant he wanted Obama removed from office.

The officer thought Harrison was threatening to kill the president, according to the article. But the department later explained that the officer misinterpreted the sign.

That didn't stop Harrison from getting a visit from the Secret Service. They interviewed him at his house and determined he was not a threat to the president, according to the report.

How can anyone conscrue "Abort Obama, not the unborn" into threatening? He's obviously talking about abortion and wanting Obama out of office. What has happened to our free speech in this country? I can remember several instances where people were setting pictures of George W. Bush on fire, as well as standing on and setting the flag on fire. Were'nt these threating? I mean these are just a few of many hateful things that have happened during Bush's presidency and although I dont agree with them, they do have the right to free expression thanks to our 1st Amendment. I guess things are different now and this is just more of the "change" we have been promised..