Tuesday, May 26, 2009

O.B.A.M. Nude - Occidental Births a Monster

Here's the trailer for the upcoming film 'O.B.A.M. Nude - Occidental Births a Monster'

O.B.A.M.Nude is about a drug-snorting college kid who sells his soul to the devil and later socilizes America..

At Occidental College in 1981, a loner snorts cocaine and smokes marijuana, secretly hoping to one day become someone important. His dream - and much more - comes true when Satan appears, promising the world. There is one caveat, though, as a deal with the Devil requires consideration. In this case, not just the delivery of the young man's soul, but millions more...

With an agreement procured, Satan and his new protege plot, plan and scheme a long term agenda that ultimately ends with the United States presidency, transforming the Earth's greatest Republic into a communist fiefdom, ruled by a ruthless dictator. But how does a cokehead college loser make such an incredible leap? Here's the plan:

A transfer from the low-level Occidental to the Ivy League prestige of Columbia University, then law school at Harvard. These days, Lucifer assures, will culminate with a first as a Harvard Law Review editor, and the introduction to a satanic ally, Chicago preacher, The Righteous Reverend, who will serve as the budding leader's uncle and mentor, even performing the young man's marriage and the baptisms of his children. After law school graduation, the student becomes a man - O.B.A.M.

O.B.A.M. will rise through the rank-and-file impoverished in the non-substantive role as a Chicago "community organizer." In that capacity, O.B.A.M. will learn to manipulate the masses with elegance, charisma and charm.

Through clever discussions, Satan teaches O.B.A.M. how to tackle and master America's most pressing issues: the economy, war, abortion, global warming, affirmative action, health care, and more. As part of the learning process, O.B.A.M. hits the streets, speaking, in practical terms, with those who will soon become his people. And all the teachings and hard work will payoff. O.B.A.M., no doubt, will trick with a Satan-created-mantra of "hope and change." As a powerful orator, he will ascend, via a meteoric trip, to not just the presidency of the United States, but as Satan's Antichrist leader of the world.

But now is there hope?

O.B.A.M. Nude is a satirical, but hard-hitting drama that exposes this soul-selling path of a troubled, but highly ambitious and intelligent man. Hope is in the faith and hands of the American people who want to live in the freedom of a democratic republic—and not under the iron fist of a communist dictator.

O.B.A.M. Nude premieres May 30th 8:00pm at the Hoboken International Film Festival!