Monday, December 15, 2008

Have a Coke and Smile..

Except in New York

Per TPB:

New York Gov. Patterson is looking for new revenue sources, some of which are moves in the direction of what a better tax policy would be. But as is usual from politicians, he is looking at selective sources to raise revenues, including a tax on non-diet soft drinks. . . .

But . . . why are non-diet soft drinks bad? They aren’t bad in themselves. I assume that one consequence of non-diet soft drinks (obesity) is what he is claiming to be concerned with. But if obesity is what he’s concerned with, then he needs to show the relationship between soft drinks and obesity and then the negative costs imposed on society from that soda-induced obesity. He doesn’t have such evidence. Again, he’s just looking for a money in any way he can get it. Furthermore, why stop at soda? Why not tax ice cream? Or better yet, why not have people weigh-in every year at a DMV and have their weights recorded? Then we can levy a true tax on obesity.

He's also going to try raising taxes on gas, clothing, health care, license plates, and college tuition. Im sure people of New York are gonna love this. This will definitley help our booming fantastic Economy..

H/T: PatriotRoom