Monday, December 15, 2008

Salvation Army Tin Rattling Offends Other Religions?

Per DailyMail:

For 130 years they have been part of Christmas, filling the air in towns across the land with music and carols.

But one thing is missing from the repertoire of Salvation Army bands this year - the percussion of rattling tins.

Members have been forbidden to shake their charity tins - even if it's done in time to the music - in case it harasses or intimidates people. One said she had been told it might also offend other religions.

Councils and police can enforce the no-rattle rule and have powers to prosecute or ban offenders. The restriction was branded 'bonkers' yesterday both by donors and long-serving Salvation Army volunteers.

And can someone tell me how it harasses people or offends other religions? I mean yea it can annoying sometimes if youve heard it all day but c'mn..

H/T: Gateway Pundit